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Staff : 3 Co-founders

Laurent Alexandre - (MD)

M.D., Urologist, Pharmaco-economist, Master in Pharmacology, M.B.A. in economy, National school of administration (E.N.A).

Laurent Alexandre is the co-founder of PELVIPHARM in 1999.
Laurent Alexandre was also the founder of Medcost (a public company listed on the Paris Nouveau marché stock exchange) and Doctissimo.

François Giuliano - (MD, PhD)

M.D.,Ph.D, Urologist Neuro-Urology Andrology, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Raymond Poincaré Hospital, Garches, France.

Associate Professor of Therapeutics (Paris- Ile de France Ouest Medical University).

François Giuliano is the co-founder of PELVIPHARM

Jacques Bernabé - (PhD)

PhD, Biochemist, Veterinary School of Gent (Belgium)

Before joining PELVIPHARM Jacques Bernabé was a senior researcher at INRA.
Jacques Bernabé is the co-founder of the company.

The scientific team of PELVIPHARM is composed of multi-disciplinary talents like medical doctor, pharmaco-economist, veterinarian, pharmacists and PhDs which have both a solid experience in cardio-vascular and urology, physiology and physiopathology as well as previous experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
This team is completed with highly trained, specialized and dedicated technicians and animal care takers.
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