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Labs and offices are located in Montigny-le-Bretonneux at 30 minutes west Paris. PELVIPHARM also possesses animal housing facilities according to the standards of the sanitary and veterinarian department (Prefectorial number agreement: A78-322-3).

The company benefits from a favourable and rich scientific environment, within the University Paris-Saclay, the UFR of medicine of University of Versailles – Saint Quentin (UVSQ) and the scientific plateau of Saclay (CEA). Furthermore, it is conveniently located close to Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines railway station linking Montparnasse and Defense Parisian railway stations.

PELVIPHARM also collaborates with public and private hospitals located in Paris and other regions all over France

Each lab is dedicated for either in vivo, in vitro, biochemical studies or histological techniques. 

  • In vivo experiments in anaesthetized animals
  • Behavioural experiments and telemetric studies
  • Electrophysiology / stereotaxy / neuroanatomical tracings
  • In vitro / ex vivo experiments (organ bath chambers, incubators)
  • Laboratory Level 2 (High-security) for authorized experiments by ANSM (Agence Nationale de Securité du Médicament)
  • Biochemichal analysis (Elisa, Spectrometry, Western blots, RT-PCR)
  • Histology / Histomorphometry / Immunohistochemistry (Cryostat, microscope, confocal microscope)

Animal  facilities 

In vivo experiments in conscious animals, behavioural studies and studies using telemetric techniques are performed in specific isolated and dedicated rooms within the animal housing facilities.

  • Managed by Pelvipharm
  • Housing rooms for different species
  • Surgery room
  • Treatment rooms
  • Behavioral rooms
  • Cleaning rooms

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TEL +331 704 293 39
FAX + 331 704 295 10