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Blood / Urine / Tissue collection


The collection of blood / urine / tissue following compound administration can allow the identification of a mechanism of action performing biochemical and/or histological analysis. Collected samples can also be sent to Pelvipharm’s client if needed.

Summarized methodology

  • Plasma / blood collection: blood samples (venous / arterial) are collected either in conscious or anesthetized animals, immediately placed at 4°C and centrifuged to collect plasma samples.
  • Urine collection: Urine harvesting can be performed using metabolic cages and refrigerated collection rack (see metabolic cages), or by direct vesical collection.

Care is particularly taken to appropriately store the blood/plasma and urine samples (liquid nitrogen, -80°C, -20°C, 4°C) and to add appropriate preservatives according the future use of these samples.

  • Tissue collections:

    Various tissues can be harvested in freshly euthanized animals :

    • central nervous system: brain, spinal cord
    • cardiovascular / pulmonary system: heart, vessels, lungs
    • urinary system: kidney, bladder, urethra, prostate
    • sexual system: corpora cavernosa, seminal vesicle, vagina, clitoris, ...
    • other systems: striated muscle, digestive tract, liver, …

    Tissues can be prepared for in vitro, biochemical or histological purposes as follows :


  • Organ weighing and volume evaluation
  • Sample collection
NB: Pelvipharm will gladly study the feasibility of additional administration routes and modalities to meet its client’s needs.
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