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In vitro organ baths functional experiments with animal tissues

Animal tissues

  • In vitro functional investigation of animal tissue function in normal and pathophysiological conditions.
  • Unrestricted amount of tissue.
  • Evaluation of the ability of drugs at modulating different smooth muscle tone can be performed on contractile or relaxant response elicited by pharmacological agents or by electrical field stimulation (EFS).
  • Evaluation of mRNA by RT-PCR or protein expression, by immunohistochemistry (IHC) or western-blot (WB), in parallel of organ bath studies.

 CRC = concentration-response curve

 CRC = concentration-response curve

NB: Pelvipham will gladly study the feasibility of performing additional in vitro assays on other species to meet its client’s needs.


  • Evaluation of the capacity of a drug to inhibit detrusor smooth muscle contractile activity.
  • Determination of potency (EC50) and efficiency (Emax) of a drug.
  • Determination of the affinity (pA2) of a drug for a human bladder receptor.
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