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Spectrophotometric assays


Spectrophotometric assays allows the determination of the concentration of a substance of interest in various biological samples (urine, blood, plasma, tissue) and helps to better understand the mechanism of action of an active compound.

Summarized methodology

A wide range of assays have been validated based on direct colorimetric reactions or immuno-enzymatic detection (EIA / ELISA).

Pelvipharm is used to collect various sample types (urine, blood, plasma, tissue), while taking special care to adopt an appropriate storage of samples and to perform pre-analytical steps (extraction when needed) before any biochemical spectrophotometric assay.

Absorbance reading is performed using a Molecular Devices microplate reader (Spectramax 190) associated to SoftMax® Pro microplate analysis software.


A wide range of biochemical spectrophotometric assays have been validated at Pelvipharm, as follows :

NB: Pelvipharm will gladly study the feasibility of performing additional spectrophotometric assays to meet its client’s needs.

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