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Administration routes / Treatment


The evaluation of the effects of a compound requires its administration. This can be performed using various routes and frequencies. Moreover, some pathophysiological models are pharmacologically-induced and also require administration of substance(s).

Summarized methodology

  • Various administrations routes can be proposed as described in figure 1.
Figure 1: Administration routes.
Figure 1: Administration routes.
  • Several administration modalities are available in conscious (restrained and unrestrained) or anesthetized animals:
    • Acute: single administration
    • Chronic: repeated or continuous administration (direct administration, via catheterisation, osmotic pump, in chow or drinking water)

Note: Pelvipharm staff is highly trained to every route of administration


  • Evaluation of the effects of a compound and its vehicle on a variety of experimental pathophysiological models
  • Pharmacological induction of a pathophysiological model
NB: Pelvipharm will gladly study the feasibility of additional administration routes and modalities to meet its client’s needs.
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