/* */ PELVIPHARM - SPECIALIZED PRECLINICAL EXPERTISE in male and female sexual functions and diseases of the lower urinary tract
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April 21st - 2023

Presentations at the WCE 2023

Pelvipharm at the 15th World Congress on Endometriosis in Edinburg, May 3rd-6th, 2023.

  • Delphine Behr-Roussel  will present :
    " Effect of estrous cycle stage on establishment of a endometriosis rodent model to evaluate the effect of new therapeutic strategies "
    R. Assaly, S. Compagnie, L. Allimonnier, M. Bracconi, F. Giuliano, L. Alexandre, D. Behr-Roussel.

Please come and see us, we will be happy to discuss our results with you and potential applications for you.

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